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App Store. Google Play. A Clitoris is actually an undeveloped penis; since we all, at some point, are both male and female in me uterus, before lhe dominate gene lakes over, the penis on a female and a male is actually the same.

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It wasn't until the past few years that I realized the blue balls phenomenon is actually a real thing. The first time it really happened to me was in college. Men I really liked but with whom I was taking things slowly gave me blue clit.

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Relationships August 13, In other words, you need to improve your understanding and appreciation of the female clitoris. And this hot-button topic involves more than just biology. After all, the clitoris has been found and then lost several times throughout history or should I say, clit-story.

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I have a huge dildo and all boys going down on me suck it with pleasure. My clit actually looks like a penis and it goes hard when I am horny. My enormous clit is probably bigger than your dick.

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In humans, the visible portion - the glans - is at the front junction of the labia minora inner lipsabove the opening of the urethra. Unlike the penisthe male homologue equivalent to the clitoris, it usually does not contain the distal portion or opening of the urethra and is therefore not used for urination. The clitoris also usually lacks a reproductive function.

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The clitoris and penis are generally the same anatomical structure, although the distal portion or opening of the urethra is absent in the clitoris of humans and most other animals. The idea that males have clitorises was suggested in by researcher Josephine Lowndes Sevely, who theorized that the male corpora cavernosa a pair of sponge-like regions of erectile tissue which contain most of the blood in the penis during penile erection are the true counterpart of the clitoris. Upon anatomical study, the penis can be described as a clitoris that has been mostly pulled out of the body and grafted on top of a significantly smaller piece of spongiosum containing the urethra.

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Sign up or log in to share. Actually it is the equivalent of the glans. The Y chromosome then kinda "pump" the whole thing into the final form of a penis but the exact anatomical match is between clitoris and glans. Also girls have a "shaft" but it's inside their bodies, under the clit.