Husband breastfeeding tumblr

husband breastfeeding tumblr
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I care less about others opinions. We also had thrush in the early days and that was very painful. My biggest challenge was getting breastfeeding going well with my first. During this time, there were a lot of tears and self doubt. I will continue to offer her the amazing life giving fuel of breastmilk until she voices her desire to stop. There were no policies or guidelines that I was made aware of that supported my position as a breastfeeding student and mother.

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So I breastfeed whenever were ever.

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Hyungwon gets turn on when he sees you breastfeeding your child (Husband ver.)

Different people, different needs, but still nourishing my 2nd the natural, normal, wonderful, breastfed way! The same can be said for breastfeeding. You are giving your little person the best nutritional start to life!! I grew up with an awesome mother, who is a midwife, lactation consultant and breastfeeding counsellor.

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