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Sex Pistols bassist Glen Matlock has announced that he will release a book of the band's 'Filthy Lucre' tour. Sex Pistols' Steve Jones interview: 'We should do a covers album'. The book contains images of previously unseen photographs and memorabilia plus Matlock's detailed account of the groundbreaking tour, in which the band played 78 shows over six months.

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Reviewed by Sam Smith Published on August, That last American show, in as I recall, was the band's swan song or so we thoughtcoming at the tail end of a tour that was, if I might misapply a few words from Dave Marsh, a bad idea gone wrong. The way Johnny remembers it, the whole tour--the whole band, even--had become something horribly different from what he expected.

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The Guardian once listed an unreleased Sex Pistols single as one of the rarest records in Britain. This is far from the first time a copy of that record has fetched an exorbitant sum. March of was an eventful month for the Sex Pistols.

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Where's the rebel yell in music these days? Where's the anarchy, the bloody-minded determination to cause chaos? These thoughts arise on the anniversary of the Sex Pistols' first gig.

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Ever since the surviving members of the Sex Pistols announced they would reunite for a reunion tour, it's been fun watching the indignant responses of everyone from old-school punks to upper-class kids who were in Garanimals when Never Mind the Bollocks came out. You have to sort of admire the band for selling out with such irony-laden audacity that it's almost confusing: Yes, it's a sell-out, but is it a statement on selling out? Since the band gleefully announced that it was reuniting for the money, does that make it a statement—keeping in mind that the band members know full well that making a statement by selling out is still selling out?

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Post a Comment. Pages Home About the blog. I must admit that I still feel guilty for acquiring this record as this tape was bought with money that was supposed to have been used to purchase my high school Citizens' Army Training uniform.

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Adam Sherwin in London THE Sex Pistols have been rebranded for business after signing a deal to use their hits as a vehicle to promote luxury brands. Thirty years after the punk pioneers screamed defiance at the Establishment, the surviving members will cash in with a multi-million euro deal partnering blue-chip corporations as advertisers seek an association with "rebellion". The dismissal of their music as nothing more than noise did not bother the group, who were intent on savaging the intellectual pretensions of s rock. While Lydon, 50, is a successful property developer in Los Angeles, the bassist Glen Matlock remains a jobbing musician.

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No, although the The Sex Pistols have always had a lot in common with maverick financial services So said John Lydon, rebranded from his original business name of Johnny Rotten please note that charges may apply if you wish to change the name on your card, and your credit rating may be affected.

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