Shower sex dos and donts

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The idea of it is hot as hell, but the expectation and the reality are often completely different. In your mind, you'll be showering in full makeup, mascara completely un-smudged, standing so your back is arched perfectly and subtly to reveal a pert apple of a butt. You partner enters, his abs glistening slightly from the steam in the room.

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Eyeing the bathroom for your next sex-capade? It is safer to use a condom if you are not planning to get pregnant. But you will need to use some lubrication like K-Y Jelly as water can make the condom less elastic, which will increase friction and make the condom more prone to tears.

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Nothing dials up the romance like a change of scenery, but that doesn't necessarily mean you have to leave home. Your next sexy getaway is as close as your bathroom shower. Before you get naked for shower sex, it's time to bring sexy back

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I am all for folks trying whatever sex stuff they want, so long as it's consensual and safe. That's one of the coolest facets of sex: the fact that there are nearly endless positions, tactics, and styles in which one may get down. However, it's no secret that movies are basically lie machines when it comes to representing sex.

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No matter how long you have been having sex, there are certain mistakes you might be making. People do focus on the dos and don'ts of sex but do not focus on the pre and post sex dos and don'ts. After a deep and passionate under-the-sheets experience with your partner, you may not realize the important of some minute things which can end in serious health issues.

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Shower sex is one of those things that always sounds better than it really is … after all, there are so many ways for it to go wrong. I mean, watch the spray temperature, am I right? Here are eight tips for surviving shower sex.

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In the movies, shower sex is almost always depicted as being both sexy and easy. The reality, however, can be quite different. The good news is that, with a little forethought, shower sex can be as good as we all want it to be.

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When you think of the times that you feel the most relaxed and happy, the blissed-out buzz you get after an orgasm ranks right up there with a deep tissue massage. But what you choose to do while buzzed impacts your vag. Page, M. Here, we break down the stuff you should never, ever do after sex if you want to keep your lady parts happy.

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A fun part of sex is trying new things. Some of these things turn out to be great — lube is essentially an objective good and positions that aren't missionary can be very fun and nice. Other things can be filed under "tried once, never again," like 69ing, for instance.

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Having sex with a date or loved one in the shower is the stuff of movies. But is shower sex as easy and sexy as it looks? The shock will always be there but limit it by turning on your heating beforehand.


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