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Requesting data can be initiated through the indicated corresponding author of the study. Recent genetic studies based on genome-wide Single Nucleotide Polymorphism SNP data further investigated the history of Roma and suggested that the source of South Asian ancestry in Roma originates most likely from the Northwest region of India. In this study, based also on genome-wide SNP data, we attempted to refine these findings using significantly larger number of European Roma samples, an extended dataset of Indian groups and involving Pakistani groups into the analyses.

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History of Southeast Asiahistory of Southeast Asia from prehistoric times to the contemporary period. Knowledge of the early prehistory of Southeast Asia has undergone exceptionally rapid change as a result of archaeological discoveries made since the s, although the interpretation of these findings has remained the subject of extensive debate. Nevertheless, it seems clear that the region has been inhabited from the earliest times.

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In today's Indiathe population is categorized in terms of the 1, mother tongues spoken. These groups are further subdivided into numerous sub-groups, castes, and tribes. Dravidians form the predominant ethno-linguistic group in southern India and the northern and eastern regions of Sri Lanka, and a small pocket in Pakistan.

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Image courtesy www. Asian Diaspora-Bibliographies S. Asian Diaspora-Cultural Associations S.

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Greco-Roman culture is the foundation of Western civilization; consequently, all Western nations despite their immense diversity have much in common, culturally speaking. Several other large regions of the world, namely South Asia, East Asia, and the Middle East, also feature a shared cultural foundation see Global Civilizations. South Asia is a relatively flat region bordered by steep mountain ranges.

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The study of the genetics and archaeogenetics of the ethnic groups of South Asia aims at uncovering these groups' genetic history. The geographic position of South Asia makes its biodiversity important for the study of the early dispersal of anatomically modern humans across Asia. Studies based on mtDNA variation have reported genetic unity across various South Asian sub—populations.

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AUSTIN— Today, the population of South Asia is divided into dozens of ethnic, linguistic, and religious groups that live side by side—but not always in harmony. Now, a study of the first ancient DNA recovered from South Asia shows that populations there mingled repeatedly thousands of years ago. Three similar groups also mingled in ancient Europe, giving the two subcontinents surprisingly parallel histories.

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In this article, we will discuss the genetic make-up of South Asian populations, and why the study is looking at British Asians in East London. At present, the study is recruiting only adult volunteers from across East London who regard themselves of Bangladeshi, British-Bangladeshi, Pakistani or British-Pakistani origin. There are several reasons for this:.

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Peaceful coexistence of diverse ethnic, religious, and linguistic groups has historically been a hallmark of South Asian cultures. For this reason, many have referred to the region as a "salad bowl" of culture: a hodgepodge of different peoples, beliefs, and behaviors. In South Asia — which includes the land that makes up the modern-day nations of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka — colorful distinctions are apparent and even celebrated.

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Imaginations and Co The proposal was dropped but the objections triggered a curiosity to know more about the history of the name, its multiple meanings and uses, and the notion s behind it. Second is the ambivalent role of British colonization, which on the one hand laid the foundations partly started by the Mughals for a mental representation of the region, through its unification policies, and on the other contributed to create divisions between distinct states and across common cultures at the time of Independence. This gives both region and regionalism a unique flavour as compared to regional constructions in other parts of the world.


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