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While the camera didn't clearly show it, based on the angle and everyone's reactions, it was almost definitely on the lips. As a friend and person, definitely, and Serena's the first girl he actually asks to travel with him. Whether you prefer Serena's old or new clothes, this exchange had undeniable charm. Serena's hilarious facial expressions and desperation to hide any mention of her crush, especially when Ash asks what the girls are talking about, really sells this encounter. Not only was this a beautiful moment especially with the original Japanese music perfectly complementing the atmosphere , it means that Serena—not Misty—was actually the first of Ash's female traveling companions to meet him.

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serena pokemon hot

Serena and Ash have lots in common, from their childhood acquaintance to their family life seemingly being raised by a single mom to their shared first kiss.

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Top 10 Amourshipping (Ash and Serena) Moments in Pokemon

In a first for the Pokemon anime, Ash asks her to accompany his gang, stating that her support and advice has already proved useful. Which Pokemon girl do you prefer? Ash usually supports ALL of his friends, even during DP he supported Zoey as much as he did Dawn, yet he straight up tells Miette that he'll pick Serena over her in the competition

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