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It was so exciting I had to make it last. As the highway had big concrete barriers with nowhere to hide, I had no choice but go back through the suburbs the way I came. Breathing heavily as the post orgasmic euphoria wore off, I suddenly became aware of where I was and what I was doing and felt very exposed. Another car drove past and I was literally naked in a fully lit strip mall parking lot, far away from my clothes with a big journey to go back. I have one rule for my missions- I must be completely naked for it to count.

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But with each step my adrenaline built more.

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The final hurdle was the 10 or so feet of open area between the cornfield and the dumpster where my clothes were. The warm breeze against my cock and balls and the hard asphalt under my feet served to remind me of how naked I was and with every step I took, I got further from my clothes, cover and safety. After a mile, the highway came to a stripmall. I got up and sprinted back to hide in the cover of the trees and bushes in the wooded area as a young girl came out with a dog.

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