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As she left the Dining Hall, she. Besides, there are worse places to be stranded. Inside emanated the familiar scent of grease, cheese and bacon, all ensnared within the confines of a doughy prison, also carrying two large drinks in either hand. However, for Kaede Akamatsu who was one of the few lucky students with their very own research lab to practice and hone their talent, she had plenty to keep herself occupied with. Replacing what used to be a room full of music sheets, records, a grand piano and other such furniture matching that of a music room was an enormous, pale blob. Inside, his eyes scanned the room searching for someone, until he locked eyes with them and smiled, making his way over to them eager.

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Kaelyn. Age: 31.
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She was busy playing on her DS, so concentrated that she was startled when Hajime tapped her shoulder to grab her attention.

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Jillian. Age: 27.
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Hajime Hinata

Their glasses slowly descended off the perch of their nose, only to be propped back upwards by his boney finger. There was no way she could be the murderer, the. A massive belly spilled across the whole floor, which two massive round breasts plopped right on top of it covered in a tight, bright pink bra. None expected anything less from the.

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