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With a strain of mad cow disease turning people into bloodthirsty zombies, the United States quickly becomes overrun by the walking dead. Yep…this is really fucked up. Clutching at a fistful of bank notes, we see a businessman scampering away from a blood covered, zombified, stripper. With business booming, the newly zombified strippers become more popular than ever, even if they are turning the punters into brunch. So, when it came to out doing themselves, they decide to go all Hellraiser on our asses with a bondage styled hybrid zombie. Subscribe To Our Newsletter.

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It is in theses section that we learn about Dana Newman, a woman who did not believe in her own natural beauty and ended up slashing herself to death after self-surgery left her blind in one eye.

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And there is plenty of them here. The twist is that the girl is really a zombie, which one of the boys discovers after he tries to strangle her. Whilst the film never really needed this sexual exploitation to raise it above other horrors, it gave the film a gritty edge and reputation for being a much more provocative affair.

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