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Natalie in Epic Battle Fantasy , after using her Kyun Limit Break , will usually comment on it afterward by saying, "Well, that was embarrassing", "I hope that's enough fanservice for a while", and "Okay, stop staring now. Justified in Primeval : Abby wears minimal clothing in her flat because she's deliberately keeping the temperature above 30 Celsius. Castle Town Dandelion : Akane has a knack for accidentally providing Panty Shots to the in-universe audience. Girl: Hercules, the Cyclops tore off my clothes! Played with the New 52 Power Girl , seeing as she's always getting into situations where she might be invulnerable, but her costume clearly isn't. Sumie Sakai , a much more notorious exotica, actually respected Laree's wishes however.

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Kiara. Age: 21.
anime girl stripped naked

When Jon mentions that he didn't have to join them in their nakedness, Grant responds that he'd be even MORE uncomfortable if he joined them clothed, but is still upset to "let his dingleberries out.

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Feedback Video Example s :. The Princess in A Dance with Rogues is this, if she isn't played as a Shameless Fanservice Girl , since almost all of the module's female clothing is revealing and she's frequently put into situations that force her to infiltrate or sneak around naked, or lose her equipment in escape attempts. She admits it seems silly when he points out that a few minutes prior, he was acting as her lungs and it's hard to get more intimate than that.

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